​General Party Information

  • ​All parties begin at 3 PM on Saturdays or  1:00 on Sundays.
  • ​Our party room is equipped with a small refrigerator/freezer, tables, seating, and a rest room.
  • You decorate and provide all refreshments.
  • ​You may access the party room a half hour prior to the party to set up and decorate.


3-Hour  Horse Party 


When you arrive for your party you will experience:

Stable Tour: Our party guide will lead you to meet the horses and ponies close up and participate in a fun and informative age appropriate discussion on colors, markings, breeds, and horsey facts.

Horse Craft:  All invited guests will  decorate a horseshoe. 

Horse or Pony Rides: Children love our horse or pony rides!   2 mounts are provided for parties with up to 10 children, 3 mounts maximum for parties with over 10


Party Room: You are welcome to decorate our party room for your celebration, provided you remove all decorations after. In keeping with an authentic barn atmosphere. Our party room is actually our Tack room. You will be surrounded by all things horses. 

​​​You'll have the horses for an hour of riding, but it takes time to get the children's helmets on and to get them up on the horses, so the riding portion will take up to 1 1/2 hours. The children are hand-led on a  ride led around in a circle inside a riding ring

The Ponyride Birthday Party package price is $325 for up to 10 children and $20 for each additional child.

What better way to celebrate your child's birthday party then to have it at our farm! At Big Bay we have two options for birthday parties: you can choose the one that best meets your needs and budget. We will customize the party to suit you.

We have picnic tables on the premises so you can serve your birthday cake and open presents or use our party room. You can use our heated party room during the winter months. We will provide you with horse themed party game ideas to entertain the children. The birthday child will be given a free BBF t-shirt in honor of their birthday. Children really enjoy feeding the horses, so if you'd like to bring apples or carrots the kids can feed the horses while they are here. Some parents even give out "horse treat bags"  rather than party favors as it's more fun and entertains the kids. 

Your birthday party will include:

Celebrate Your Childs Birthday at Big Bay Farm