At Big Bay Farm we consider everybody a part of our staff because we are a co-operative board facility. All boarders at our facility are always flexible and willing to help the farm out with tasks such as clearing paths out on the trails, fixing down fencing, and maintaining the beautiful facility that we are able to call home. As we help each other maintain such a serene and beautiful place, our love and appreciation for the barn grows. What better way then teamwork to make sure that our farm is in tip top shape, after all we have our beloved horses living here.

       As we are considered a Co-Op boarding situation with everybody being a part of our staff, we do have the root of where the farm began and who is the highlight of the farm. Below you will find some information on the owner & manager and our maintenance crew so that everyone knows who has made this all possible.

       Valerie has been involved in the horse-world for many years. She has owned several different horses including OTTB's, PMU rescues and Warmbloods. She now owns a Spotted Draft named Logan and a 3 year old  Oldenburg cross named Bentley 

       Valerie's love for horses does not stop. She is employed by Plymouth County  4-H and is the Horse Program Coordinator for   Plymouth County 4-H  and loves every minute of it. It doesn't matter if she is teaching riding lessons, 4-H youth or new 4-H leaders she surounds herself in all things horses. 




Valerie Schell

       Meet our maintenance crew! These cute critters are the reason why we have little to no rodents at our facility. Clyde, Hazel & Dom are the best critter catchers around.



Owner & Manager  

The Big Bay Staff